Commitment to quality services
and environmental performance

Kitriniaris Associates Architecture Firm adopts cradle to cradle regenerative design processes through renewable energy sources, water stewardship, material recyclability and social responsibility with the aim of minimizing a project’s ecological footprint and maximizing its positive impact on the environment throughout its entire lifecycle. To this end, our main focus is to evaluate our environmental controls, improve our health and safety procedures during construction, and push the envelope of practice into new disciplinary frontiers by demonstrating innovative design methods to produce sustainable buildings and landscapes.

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RESEARCH RESEARCH Contextual Impact & Environmental Management

Our main research focuses on the inventive programming strategies in terms of use, multiplicity of functions, short-term flexibility and long-term adaptability of a project to existing natural and built environments. Our research exhibits a sensible use and management of natural resources throughout the project’s lifecycle, while simultaneously promoting an economy of means by avoiding the wasteful consumption of material resources so as to form socially viable environments.

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CONSULTING CONSULTING Due Diligence & Economic Viability

Our consulting services relate to the presentation of legitimate and transparent funding sources with the aim of integrating the project into a wider economic framework of local, regional and global monetary flows. The profits earned should cover the operating costs over a project’s lifetime and generate an acceptable rate of return. The breadth of our services relates to a wide range of public and private investment programs.

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DESIGN DESIGN Innovative Concepts & Sustainable Design

Our services adopt cradle to cradle regenerative design processes and convey a high standard of architectural quality as a prevalent form of cultural expression, with a positive contribution to the physical, human and cultural environment. Our firm undertakes concept, schematic, final and advanced detail design services through which our clients receive a completed model that conforms to the principles of economic efficiency, environmental performance and social responsibility.

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LICENSING LICENSING Folder Submission & Permit Approvals

Our firm has an extensive network of partners for the completion of each stage needed to submit the paperwork to the relevant authorities for the final approval and authorisation of projects including documentation and communication services. More specifically, our firm undertakes the licensing and authorisation of infrastructure, landscape and urban planning projects as well as of residential, hotel, office, retail, leisure, sport, and healthcare complexes.

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CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION Advanced Supervision & As-built Delivery

Our services include advanced project supervision, participation in the negotiation process with subcontractors and building crews, measurement of quantities and materials, ensuring schedule compliance and as-built delivery to our clients. Our main focus is to improve the quality of working conditions on site with specific attention given to hygiene and safety management, while promoting long-term monitoring to evaluate whether expectations and goals have been met.

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