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Function|Office Headquarters & Showroom Location|Kavala, Greece Type|Commission - Offices & Retail Client|Akrolithos S.A. Size|Plot Area: 100,000.00 sqm - Build Area: 3,000.00 sqm Stage|Completed I Built Architect|Alexandros Kitriniaris Team|Dionysia Patiri, Nikitas Paraskevopoulos, Dominiki Katramadopoulou, Chris Dionysis, Savvas Demetriou Structural Engineer|Stefanos Iosifidis MEP|Giorgos Iliadis Museological Design|Popi Georgopoulou Lighting Design|KAAF & Luce Ataliotis Photographer|Karen Gkiounasian

This project involves the building expansion of the offices of a mining and rock processing company, as well as the full configuration of the interior structure of its product showroom. The total area of the project covers 3,000 sq.m. and its construction took place from 2020 to 2023. The architectural composition has relied on the reinterpretation of the spatial experience of the Company's quarries through the feeling of hovering at the intercept of the rocky terrain and the absolute sense of freedom while touring across the landscape. 


Hovering is achieved through the interpenetration of the intermediate level bridge at the junction of the two curved spatial surfaces, made of metal elements on which the exhibits are placed. The ambience of quarries becomes an experience with visitors walking along a space filled with plants, rocks and alternations of spatial perception, through a system of multiple multi-sensory experiences.