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Function|Wellness & Aesthetics Venue Location|Brussels, Belgium Type|Commission - Wellness & Retail Client|MV Beauty Art Size|Build Area: 100.00 sqm Stage|Completed I Built Architect|Alexandros Kitriniaris Team|Katerina Lampri, Fotini Douka Lighting Design|KAAF & Gallis Lighting Branding|S & Team Photographer|Yohann Fontaine

This project involves the complete transformation of the interior structure and the one and only façade of the existing envelope of a 100 sq.m. wellness & aesthetics venue. The core idea was to create two robust curved vertical linear levels, developing from the frontage to the garden area, running through the entire space.  The first level occupies one side and its surface is cladded with eco-cement, whereas the second level occupies the opposite side and its surface is cladded with natural oak veneer.  


The two levels are connected by means of vertical fixed and sliding glass panels made of ribbed glass, an ideal solution for preserving privacy and underscoring the core idea of alternating light and shadows while using the spaces. The functional modules include three treatment rooms, two of which in the storefront with a waiting area, whereas the third one is directly adjacent to the garden. The central reception area, changing rooms – WC and a kitchen are centrally arranged at the core of the venue. 

The creation of wooden curves for vertical levels called for special models and wood-made prototypes on 1:1 scale, which were assembled at the factory, next de-assembled and delivered on the spot with an application deviation less than 0.1%. The new geometry created by curved surfaces produces a continuous perceptual flow of experiential motion, intensifying the multisensory experience of the space that is enhanced by the alternation of materials. Coarseness of the concrete contrasts with affability and warmth of the natural oak wood, whereas the glass surfaces create an assumed discontinuity between the two materials, articulating the architectural composition at its intercept.