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Function|Urban Development of the 100 Palm Trees Square Location|Rhodes Island, Greece Type|Architecture Competition Client|Prefecture of Dodecanese & Municipality of Rhodes Size|Plot Area: 6,500.00 sqm - Build Area: 2.600.00 sqm Stage|Concept & Schematic Architects|Alexandros Kitriniaris, Verina Myroforidou Team|Dimitris Zampopoulos, Artemis Papadopoulou, Panos Raptis Contributors|Athina Aggelopoulou, Aliki Iovita Landscape Consultant|Angeliki Paraskevopoulou Traffic Consultant|Giannis Demagos - DROMOS S.A.
Shortlist|Architecture Competition
Hospitality Expo|State Fair Grounds, Nicosia, Cyprus, January 2020 Xenia Expo| Metropolitan Expo, Athens, Greece, November 2018 Medwood Expo|Metropolitan Expo, Athens, Greece, April 2018 Nestoridio Melathron|Rhodes Island, Greece, January 2018


Gavriil Haritou Square occupies an important position in the articulation of the urban fabric of the city of Rhodes as it is connected with both the city and the coastal front. The scenery at its borders consists of a combination of buildings of different ages and uses. The Landmark of the area is Nestoridio Melathron, which houses a section of the Museum of Neohellenic Art of the Municipality of Rhodes.


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The proposal for the redevelopment of the Haritou Square aims at:

- The staple of the square with the urban fabric.

- The organization of the square as a readable urban narrative.

-  Turning the square into a pole of culture.

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The compositional principles are as follows:

-Primary handling is the magnification of the perceptual boundaries of the square, creating a single floor - paving, which extends to the thresholds of buildings. In this way, the square is transformed from a bourgeois islet into a civil inset.


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- On the North-South axis, the dynamic relationship between the aquarium and a pole of civilization is strengthened, with regard to Nestoridio Melathron. Along this axis, a sequence of places, different spatial entities, events and events evolves: Τhe Plateau of Water, Τhe Garden of Memory, Τhe Roof of Culture.


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- Intending to emphasize the relationship of the aquarium with the roof of culture, the "Light Thread" axis is created, which penetrates the three above places and ends up in the southern part of the square. There it rises, creating the "light of knowledge", which is a landmark - a symbol of the square.

-The palm trees are kept in two double rows, the trunks of which are perceived as pillars, while their foliales define a "green roof".


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