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Function|Single House Renovation Location|Vironas, Attika, Greece Type|Commission - Residential Client|Private Size|Plot Area: 250.00 sqm - Build Area: 150.00 sqm Stage|Completed Architect|Alexandros Kitriniaris Team|Christiana Alifanti, Dominiki Katramadopoulou, Giannis Mitsis

The central concept for the architectural composition came out of the creation of a single-stroke of the pen, a thread that begins from the entrance of the residence, interconnects the internal living spaces, unfurls itself towards the yard, and climaxes vertically in the terrace, uniting the conceptual connection between earth and sky.

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Historically, when Theseus, son of Aegeus, the king of Athens, reached Crete to offer himself as tribute to the Minotaur, he met Ariadne, the daughter of king Minos, and won her favour. To save him from certain death, Ariadne resorted to cunning; she gave him a ball of thread (the fabled thread of Ariadne), with the help of which he was able to find his way out of the labyrinth after his victorious battle with the Minotaur.

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In this case, the word Mitos constitutes the thread, creating broad themes within which the new structures of the residence are placed with reference to the installations and furnishing, made of sheets and surfaces of natural bronze. Contrastingly, the labyrinth is connected to the fragments of history of the building, built during 4 different historical construction periods, and is unified by the typology of a grey cement ground with inert material beneath the bronze thread. To this end Mitos is interconnected with the historical fragility of the architectural composition.